Aviva business site

Business insurance, pension and health sections restructure and design


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Project keywords

AEM | Information architecture | Website design

Project timeline

10/2018 - 02/2019

My role

Information architecture and UX design

My responsibilities

Requirement gathering | Sitemap | Wireframe | Prototype 

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Aviva offers B2B solutions in business insurance, health and protection as well as workplace pensions with products for businesses from micro to corporate size of companies. Although the current site supports small medium enterprise business fairly well, it is clearly under serviced in the existing hierarchy and navigation on the site for corporate business, in particular to Corporate workplace pension section. The client wants to develop an easy to find, non-transactional Shopfront for Aviva in the Large Corporate market but not to distract the SME direct quote journey and not to create duplicated content for the two types of audiences.

Example of current triage under pension section



Since the workplace pensions section for corporate customers is starting from scratch, a user research with a focus of corporate pension customers was conducted before I joined, but it was only focused on corporate customers, it provides good insights to the triggers for corporate customers to review or change providers but not for other customer segments. I started my process with conducting competitor usability studies.

Journey map created by external agency


Customer segments

Core journeys


IA conceptualisation

After exploring corporate and SME combined and separated IA, we agreed on triage corporate and SME customers under each product sections was a better approach due to the potential content duplication and SEO impact. 

As workplace pension is the most complex area, and the offering for SME and corporate can be inter-changeable, I started with concepts of an audience-led IA and a needs-based IA.

Option 1

Triage by audiences

Option 2 

Triage by customer needs


Final IA was defined after a few rounds of stakeholder reviews, took 2-3 weeks, with a list of core customer journeys highlighted to ensure both sides of stakeholders are comfortable with the proposed structure. Wireframes were done by following existing AEM framework designs to assure minimum development efforts.

Full site map




The first delivery for SME and Corporate workplace pensions went live on 31st Jan 2019. Organic traffic has grown by 25% over the 2 months following launch.

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