Darwin control centre

Client portal for managing employee benefits


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Thomsons Online Benefits

Project keywords

B2B service | Content management system | Web app

Project timeline

10/2014 - 10/2015

My role

UX design and research

My responsibilities

Workshop facilitating | Site map | Wireframe | Prototype | Usability testing | UI design | Specification 

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Darwin is a power benefits administration portal that allows clients to manage their payroll, run reports, and configure the benefits schemes they offer to the employees. With no attention to users, its powerful but very difficult to use. (Image of the left is a screenshot of this portal) In order to take on outsourced administration from clients, Thomsons has to spend a lot of money every year training staffs to learn how to use the portal. With the vision of 'let the clients do self-serve', this project is to re-design the configuration for employee Total Reward.



At the beginning of this project, I spent a lot of time observing help desk and configuration teams' day-to-day work. Helped create and refine a set of personas for the main users of this portal. The core problem I was trying to solve is to de-clutter the interface and simplify the flow. 


Ideation and conceptualisation phase

I worked very closely with product manager, BA and back end architecture, ran various mini workshops to sketch out ideas and the future IA of the platform. We had two main concepts.

Ideation workshop

Detailed flow discussion

Concept 1

A more flexible approach which might be overwhelming to less tech savvy users.

Concept 2

A more controlled approach that users will follow a linear flow to create each category. 


Design evaluation

Following the concept phase, I conducted paper-based and interactive Axure prototypes with mainly configuration team staffs to evaluate design concept. The research findings were fed back to design literation before starting build.



This new portal was rolled out to all clients not long after Reward Engager release. Received very positive client feedback, made a first step of migrating the rest of the product over to the new structure.

Site map

Example of final designs

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