Reward engager

Employee's total reward portal


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Thomsons Online Benefits

Project keywords

Data visualisation | B2B service | Web app

Project timeline

03/2014 - 10/2014

My role

UX design and research

My responsibilities

Workshop facilitating | User stories | Wireframe | Prototype | Usability testing | UI design | Specification 

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Reward Engager is a product to communicate the true value of an employee’s total reward. It was simply a breakdown list of benefits values (see image on the right) which is not very engaging and hard to sell to clients. Thomsons believed that there was a great potential for this product, they would like to grow it to be more than just a bank statement. 



I started this work with conducting a workshop with stakeholders from sales, marketing, business strategist, BA and devs to understand the needs from business, clients and end users, came up with a list of ideas to improve this product. 

Ideation workshop

Prioritised use cases


Conceptualisation phase

After talking to various team member and end users, I started sketching out ideas and discussing with the team. I more and more released that total reward is not just the money you get from employer, the overall package includes a lot of intangible things, it's a work lifestyle. A concept of personalised workplace magazine started forming out. Instead of displaying dry figures, this approach was to provide full insight into the value of employee’s reward package in a more engaging way. 

Concept 1

Work lifestyle magazine

Concept 2

Benefits dashboard


Concept sketches

Involved the team in the conceptualisation phase


Design evaluation

Evaluating designs with end users was a challenge in the project, I managed to reach out employees from two clients in the design process.

Testing version of prototype is available here

Example of interactive Axure prototype


Example of research findings


2nd design literation

After the initial design was validated with users, we started to look at additional functionality that has been required by a couple of major clients - stock and share module. This is also a good test on whether the card based design pattern is flexible to grow in the future to accommodate more features.

Both online and offline workshops were conducted with clients to gather detailed scheme requirements

Example of how stock and share category can work following the design pattern



Worked alongside product manager, pricing and communication team, we released this product with total, breakdown and text cards as a basic package to all existing clients for free, together with a customisable option and fully tailored package for different price.

The next stage of this project was to design the CMS system to allow clients to configure the total reward product base on their company benefit schemes. see Darwin Control Centre for more details.

Example of web portal final design

Example of final mobile design

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