Travelex money card

A multi channel pre-paid currency card service


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Project keywords

Check out | Service design | Customer journey mapping | Native app | Web app 

Project timeline

04/2017 - 10/2017

My role

UX research and interaction design

My responsibilities

Discovery research | Customer journey mapping | Persona creation | Wireframe | Usability testing | Visual direction | Specification | 

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Travelex Money Card is a global pre-paid currency card service which has online and offline channels. Customers can buy and reload the card on mobile, web and in all Travelex stores. Since the product launched in 2013, its reload rate had always been quite low added to the pressure of more and more disruptive fin-tech companies such as Revolut eating up market share As such, Travelex wanted to improve the web and mobile products, particularly focusing on improving the reload experience. 



Instead of jumping into a product focused process, I decided to take a step back and spent time visiting a couple of Travelex stores in town and at Heathrow airport. I interviewed staff and customers in store, to understand the current customer journey and what are the frustrations and pain points for both the staff and customers.

Photo of a customer collecting an online order

There are lots of paper work involved in this process


Travelex Money Card service customer journey map was created based on the insights collected. Zoom


After the discovery phase, I worked with an agency to facilitate a 3-day workshop. This involved business strategists, data analysts, marketing experts, store staff etc. We gained a deeper understanding of the pain points, constraints of the current service and came up with short, medium and long term plans for the product and service.

Used the journey map created as a starting point to get further insights from stakeholders

We split into small teams to brainstorm ideas for the future of the Money Card service


Detailed design - native app

The mobile app was missing core functionalities e.g. being able to see the transaction history, save payment details etc.

Introduce account registration to native app. Zoom

Introduce multi-currency account and transaction history

Top up widget design Zoom

Payment flow Zoom

A user feedback tool was implemented on the mobile app a few months afterwards and the feedback collected vindicated the insights from initial user research.

Product manager, developers and myself worked together as a team and prioritised a feature list for the iOS and Android app before starting the design process.

We worked together in Trello

New feature example - How much do you need?


Detailed design - web app

Since the web portal has more functionality and it has a wider international user base, it has to support all current functionality.

Example of MasterCard account creation

Example of Travelex top up card journey

Example of web portal final design, prototype available


User testing

Both online and in person testing were conducted for web portal and mobile app account creation and currency top up flow on InVision prototypes and findings were used to iterate the designs.

Screenshot of unmoderated online testing

Screenshot of in person testing



Final designs for both web and mobile were defined after 2 design iterations, this included refining the visual style based on existing UI elements. Each iteration was 3-4 weeks long, with the first half focusing on creating new wireframes, the second half modifying and refining design concepts based on user and stakeholder feedback.

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