Travelex store locator


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Project keywords

Search and filter | Webapp

Project timeline

09/2016 - 10/2016

My role

Interaction design

My responsibilities

Wireframe | Prototype 

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Travelex has hundreds of stores across US, but the current store locator tool is not very effective, the project was to improve the search experience. Before starting design phase, I did a quick evaluation of the current tool, and summarised core pain points as below:

• User don't know where we have stores to start search

• Users don't get an overview of an airport to know where the stores are

• The current search result brings up a long list of nearby stores, but beyond certain distance, it's not very helpful to the users anymore

• Lack of search prediction



The idea of the design is to start with an overview of where the stores are located across the country to give user an idea before starts. By turning on ‘use your location’, the map will zoom in to local area. Instead of attaching map of each airport, integrate it with dynamic map. When there is no stores near searched location, prompt delivery service.

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