International money transfer platform


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Project keywords

Dashboard | Payment | Web app

Project timeline

06/2016 - 03/2017

My role

Lead interaction design and research

My responsibilities

Workshop facilitating | User flow | Wireframe | Prototype | Usability testing | Specification 

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I joined this project after the discovery phase, with a focus on creating a simple hassel-free experience for the users to send money oversea, considering TransferWise, Azimo, PayPal and HiFX as disruptor and incumbent competitors.



With a goal of making on-boarding easy for the users, the focus was to integrate KYC with the sign-up and sending money flow, without making it as a barrier to the service. I started of working with comply experts, product manager/BA to map out the complex credit check flows when on-boarding new customers. Followed by workshops with wider team to review the flows.

Created high level and detailed user flow


With a principle of 'being transparent and honest about the fees, charges and speed', but business proposition of 'we don't guarantee the rate', communicating true value to customers through the sending money flow has been very challenging in the design process. I worked with content strategist and product manager, did several rounds of formal/informal paper testing internally to finalise the design and copy.


Example of dashboard design, different transaction and account status


Example of new user sending money flow

One of the core differentiators that came out from initial research findings was for the user to be able to make recurring payment easily. I created the journey of sending money directly to a saved recipient.

Example of UX specification


Usability testing with Travelex friends and families was conducted after staff beta launch. I worked with product managers and devs to assess the list of design recommendations to see what can or can't be done before public launch.

Half way through the project, I became a lead UX in the team, supervised junior UX to design the marketing landing page.

Example of design recommendations

Wire marketing landing page



The product has been successfully launched to the public in April 2017. 

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